About Deluxe Venue Solutions



At Deluxe Venue Solutions, we have over 5 years experience of event planning. Our main focus is venue finding, as we believe having the right venue plays an important part to your event being a success.


Deluxe Venue Solutions prides itself in giving a free service which includes:

1.    Sourcing the venue

2.    Arranging any additional services

3.    Negotiating great deals with our suppliers

4.    Putting together an attractive client offer

5.    Result being a successful event and a fully satisfied client


Corporate Social Responsibility


With homelessness becoming an epidemic in our society today, Deluxe Venue Solutions supports a local Non-Profit organisation called Food from Love. This organisation works with homeless charities with the aim of reducing the harmful effects of homelessness in our communities. Food from Love collects donated food and distributes it to assist those who are experiencing homelessness and poverty.